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Why is there a stalemate between space giants and businessmen? Who will dominate the multi-million dollar space travels?

  • Those who want to go into space will have to spend millions of rupees
  • In such a situation, all the private space companies are trying to justify themselves on an immediate basis.
  • Branson’s successful spaceflight on July 12, Jeff Bezos will go into space on July 20

Branson’s Virgin Space Ship (VSS) Unity spaceplane’s successful flight into Earth orbit has opened up new avenues for subortable tourism. At the same time, the market for private commercial space travel to the edge of space will grow rapidly. So far the missions without crews have been successful. Along with Branson’s Virgin Galactic, Bezos’ Blue Origin, Alan Musk’s SpaceX and Boeing are also making strides in the field of space tourism.

The world’s giant billionaires are betting on doing business in space. This bet has been going on for a long time, but now it has reached a critical stage. What is the reason then that there is a competition among billionaires to go into space.

Why bet to occupy space?

The world’s Kubers, namely Richard Branson, Jeff Bezos and Alan Musk, now want to fly their flags in space as well, the first link of which was seen on Sunday. So the other two chapters of this link can be seen in the coming days. In the near future, a new sector is being developed in the field of space tourism, which has many opportunities for development. Those who want to go into space will have to spend millions of rupees. In such a situation all the private space companies are trying to prove themselves on an immediate basis. It is natural that people will give priority to the company that has the best performance and the least chance of an accident.

There is also another successful business out of these billionaires, which means they will be able to bear the burden of the losses if they fail. The field of space is always in need of research for new techniques, for which these tycoons have no difficulty in funding.

Starting space above 100 kilometers,

you would think that space starts from where the atmosphere ends. But not so. The atmosphere is about 10 thousand km above the earth. But even this is not the ultimate truth. As you go upstairs, the air will go down. It is difficult to know exactly where it ended.

Well, different agencies have their own definitions of starting a space. NASA and the Federation of Aeronautical International, an organization that holds aeronautical and astronautical records internationally, believe that if space starts with the Carmen Line, then what is the Carmen Line? This is an imaginary line, which is 100 km above sea level. Those who go above it are considered astronauts.


boarded the Virgin Galactic’s passenger rocket plane VSS unit, Branson went to the shores of space and experienced a state without gravity. The plane took off for space travel at around 8:10 pm (Indian time). The Virgin Group made the announcement on its official social media account. The Virgin Galactic Rocket returned from a 60-minute space trip. He recalled his experiences with the landing. “It’s a memorable experience of a lifetime,” Branson said. Congratulations to our best team who have been working on Virgin Galactic for 17 years.

The Branson Company boarded the aircraft VMS Eve and flew from Spaceport America. After going about 15 kilometers, the Unity spacecraft detached and caught the speed of its rocket engine Mac-3 (i.e. 3704.4 km / h). The VSS unit then went from its rocket to an altitude of about 90-100 km. Other passengers, including Branson, also experienced about 4 minutes of weightlessness at the time. From here the round earth is visible i.e. its curvature is visible.

Will start commercial tour from 2022

Richard Branson’s own company is Virgin Galactic. She has traveled to the Age of Space three times so far. But to date it has only been test flights. The company was officially licensed on June 25, now the company can take ordinary people into space after training. Branson’s flight can be called his trial. Branson and Bezos companies have been granted permission for the mission with the crew.

Branson’s company is to take to space every week from 2022. It is preparing to charge 2. 2.50 lakh, or about Rs 1.90 crore. According to a Reuters report, the space tourism market is set to reach જઈ 3 billion, or Rs 26,000 crore, by 2030.

Richard Branson, now a Bezos flying astronaut after Branson, made history on Sunday 12th July, and Hanuman jumped into space from New Mexico. Branson was launched by a rocket in a double fuel aircraft with two pilots and three other crew.

While Bezos will travel to space on the same day that Armstrong set foot on the moon. That means 9 days later on July 20, West Texas will fly in a fully automated capsule with fellow passenger brother Mark Bezos, 82-year-old female aviator Valley Funk and another passenger. The US will take the step to go into space from West Texas. The flight to Bezos will take about 11 minutes, covering 100 kilometers. This historic moment can be seen on and YouTube.

Why did Bezos choose July 20 for space travel?

As far as the space travel of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is concerned, there is a lot of discussion about it. This will be the first similarity or crew flight of their own company Blue Origin. The special thing is that there is a special reason to decide the day of July 20th. This day marks the 52nd anniversary of the American Apollo 11 Moon Landing Mission. On this day 52 years ago Neil Armstrong became the first person to set foot on the moon.

How this will fly

Bezos flight is going to be very different from Branson’s. Branson will go first in the carrier plane and then in the spacecraft. But Bezos will sit in a capsule and fly as a payload of his company’s reusable New Shepard rocket. There is also a story of naming the rocket New Shepherd. The rocket is named after Alan Shepard, the first American to go on a space mission with the Freedom 7 spacecraft on May 5, 1961.

The capsule of the Bezos will be separated from the rocket. The rocket will return to Earth but the capsule will separate and remain near the edge of space. This capsule is made autonomous. So that it can be controlled from within. After experiencing three minutes of weightlessness, the capsule will land with the help of a parachute.

What’s more

three people will go with Bezos. Bezos brother Mark Bezos, 82-year-old aviator Valley Funk and the 28 million auction winner, whose name has not been released, is getting a chance to travel to space. Funk will become the oldest person to visit space with this mission.

Branson’s long, high-flying Bezos
  • Sitting in VSS Unity, Branson walked 90 km (2.95 lakh feet), while Bezos went 100 km (3.30 lakh feet).
  • In fact, Bob Smith, CEO of Blue Origin, claims that Branson cannot go to the heights where Bezos will reach. Branson will not go as far as Carmen Line and this is going to be a very different experience for Bezos.
  • Branson’s Virgin Galactic did not say before the flight what the altitude of their flight would be, but in the final test flight, the Spaceship-2 spacecraft flew 55 miles (about 90 km) above sea level. A New York Times report claims that Branson and his fellow passengers experienced weightlessness for four minutes.
  • In this regard, Smith of Blue Origin did not say how the experience of Branson and Bezos would be different. But both flights will be in sub orbital. I.e. will not enter Earth orbit. If the Bezos’ New Shepherd reaches an altitude of 100 km, they will experience about three minutes of weightlessness.
Competing on Tesla’s SpaceX,

Tesla CEO Alan Musk founded his own space company, SpaceX, in 2002. At the moment, its goal is to reduce the cost of transporting space and placing humans on Mars. SpaceX’s full name is Exploration Technologies Corporation. SpaceX has so far delivered several satellites into space using the Falcon rocket. SpaceX got its biggest recognition from its Crew Dragon capsule. Many astronauts have reached the International Space Station sitting in this capsule.

How this will fly

Boeing is testing its Starline capsule. It is named CST-100. The capsule will be launched with the United Launch Alliance Atlas-5 rocket. Will land on the International Space Station. There will be 5-10 days and then return to Earth. It will also land with the help of a parachute, like the capsule of Bezos. If Starliner succeeds in its test, it will take two NASA astronauts to the International Space Station later this year.

The first person to go into space is happening today Trend

Yuri Gagarin is trending on social media today. Yuri Gagarin was sent into space on April 12, 1961. At that time Yuri looked at the earth from space and said that the earth is too small for human conflict but too big for cooperation.

After seven test flights, it was proved that the Vostok 2KA-3 spacecraft is the most suitable spacecraft to send Yuri Gagarin into space. Earlier, machines and animals had gone into space. So Yuri Aleksevich Gagarin, a 27-year-old Soviet Air Force pilot, was sent into space. Urine was placed in a Vostok spacecraft and sent into space. The spacecraft was a 2.3 m diameter pressurized cabin. Yuri Gagarin reached Earth orbit 11 minutes 16 seconds after launch. They circled the earth for about 108 minutes. After which they returned to the earth, although they faced some challenges but in the end they reached the earth safely.

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