Wealth of Indians increased in Swiss banks? The Modi government’s response came

It has been claimed that deposits of Indians in Swiss banks have crossed Rs 20,000 crore.

Indians Rs 20 thousand crore deposited in banks across Switzerland declared Switzerland’s central bank annual data from government reports phagavyam all banks

The Indian government has rejected a report claiming that Indians ‘deposits in Swiss banks have crossed Rs 20,000 crore , claiming that Indians’ deposits in Swiss banks have crossed Rs 20,000 crore. Indeed, the government on Saturday dismissed such reports.

He is accused of allegedly keeping black money of Indians in Switzerland. He has said that he has approached Swiss authorities to verify information about the money deposited and has sought information.

Annual data released by the Central Bank of Switzerland

According to the annual data released by the Central Bank of Switzerland on Thursday, black money of Indian citizens, institutions and companies in Swiss banks has increased during the year 2020.

That’s 2.55 billion Swiss francs (about Rs 20,700 crore). In 2019, black money in Swiss banks was Rs 6,628 crore. The total deposits in Swiss banks have increased by 286 per cent in 2020 as compared to 2019. Total deposits are the highest in 13 years, the highest since 2007.

however, Congress increased money in Swiss banks rose to 20,700 million in 2020. An individual has and corporate Indian citizens killed nodules on Friday the government and said that the Government states that the inhabitants of bringing the White Paper is in Kona and deposited in foreign banks. What steps has been taken by the government to bring back the black money?

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