US scientists develop second-generation vaccine, successful trial on rats; to be tested on humans next year

There is good news for people around the world who are bothered by different variants of the Corona. Scientists have succeeded in developing a vaccine that helps fight all the dangerous viruses in the virus family except just Covid-19. Scientists have successfully tested this vaccine on rats. The rats that were tested were suffering from SARS-CoV and other variants of Corona. Hopefully its trial on humans will begin by next year.

The vaccine was developed by the University of North Carolina in the United States. University scientists believe that any form of corona virus could lead to an epidemic in the future. In this way he has developed a vaccine to prevent the risk.

The virus, which is transmitted from animals to humans,

is effective in a university study published in the journal Science. The study described the scientists’ research as a second-generation vaccine. This vaccine protects the human immune system from viruses transmitted from animals. This is an mRNA vaccine. The Pfizer and Modern vaccines currently in use also work with this method.

The new vaccine attacks the cervicovirus. Cervicovirus is part of the corona virus family. SARS and Covid-19 are also variants of this family. In trials performed on mice, the vaccine has developed a number of antibodies that are also effective against spike proteins. The vaccine has also shown a strong effect on the B.1.351 variant found in South Africa.

What is a spike protein?

The virus removes the protein from the crown-like part on the outer surface of the corona virus. It’s called a spike protein. This protein initiates the transition. It reaches the body attached to the human enzyme ACE2 receptor and then accelerates the transition by increasing its own number.

Children’s vaccines may be approved

The indigenous corona vaccine Covexin for children may be approved for use until September. In a report, AIIMS director Randeep Guleria expressed hope in this regard. Gularia said data on the Phase-2 and Phase-3 trials of the covacin on children would be available by September, during which time the vaccine for children could be approved.

Pfizer and Bioentech vaccines could be another option for children approved in India

Guleria says that if Pfizer and Bioentech vaccines are approved in India, they could be another option for children. On the other hand, if we talk about the third wave of Corona, Guleria does not agree that the children will be more affected in the third wave. He says there is no reason to believe this theory.

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