In the US, the government pays 300 dollars per month for each child from families earning less than 150k dollars

  • During the Corona period, the US government’s ‘Save the Family’ scheme was criticized.

The government will provide financial assistance to households with a monthly income of less than 150k in the US The government pays 250 to 300 dollars per month for each child of such families. Will give. This is called the American Family Rescue Plan. President Joe Biden announced it.

He said the scheme would benefit families facing economic hardships during the Corona period. The scheme will come into effect from July 15. However, many have also started criticizing the scheme. He quipped that the government should not help people ‘to have children’. 20 billion dollars behind this scheme. Will be spent. Currently the scheme will run for one year but depending on the circumstances it may be extended till 2025 and may be implemented on a permanent basis. It aims to lift millions of children out of poverty.

300 dollars for children up to 6 years in this scheme. 250 per month for children aged 6 to 17. Will be provided. Families who pay central tax regularly will benefit from this scheme. Beneficiaries will also be considered whether they have paid the tax for 2019-20. Thereafter the amount will be credited directly to the bank account of the beneficiary family every month. Those who have not paid tax can also apply but they will be able to avail the benefit of the scheme only after paying tax.

California: Rent will be refunded to poor tenants

Low-income tenants in California will be reimbursed. The state government has taken this decision in the wake of the Koro epidemic. 5.1 billon dollars behind this scheme will be spent In addition, the government is considering a plan to pay water and electricity bills, which will cost 1.8 billion dollars.eill be spent.

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