In the United States, untreated fungus is spreading rapidly among patients

  • The United States reported 67,000 cases, the highest in the world

The United States has the highest number of coronary heart disease cases in the world. 67,485 cases of corona were reported here on Friday. This is the highest figure in the last three months. In the midst of the third wave, a dangerous and deadly fungus called ‘Candida oris’ has crept into America.

According to the U.S. Department of Health, two hospitals in Dallas and 101 patients infected with Candida Orissa in Washington D.C. have been reported. Three of them were cases in which all types of antifungal drugs failed. A cluster of 22 cases of Candida Orissa have also been reported at two hospitals in Dallas. Two of these cases are multidrug-resistant.

Worryingly, the fungus is spreading rapidly from patients. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has identified the fungus as a threat to global health. The CDC says the fungus enters the body and spreads through veins. It is difficult to avoid affected patients. Antifungal drugs have no effect on this fungus.

This fungus lives even after the death of the patient. Candida is a dangerous form of Orissa yeast, experts say. It is dangerous for patients with serious medical conditions. Common symptoms are chills and fever. This fungus does not improve in the patient even after antibiotic treatment. Candida Oris patients are also having difficulty identifying. This is a fungus that is commonly present in the hospital environment and preys on patients with weakened immunity.

On the other hand, Rochelle Velensky, director of the CDC, said that the epidemic of non-vaccination continues in the United States. This is because 5.1 lakh people are currently vaccinated daily in the country, which is 85% less than the daily average of April.

Cases have dropped in Britain, but food chain supply stagnation due to increased transition last month has led to a

decline in corona cases in Britain. A total of 36,389 cases were found here on Friday. However, the transition of about 10,000 employees in four months has had a major impact on food chain supply here. Many supermarkets are empty. There is a shortage of essential commodities including milk. Meanwhile, the British government has also begun to take control of the situation. New employees are being given responsibility for that.

Indonesia has the second highest number of corona cases in the world after the United States, with

49,071 cases of corona reported in Indonesia on Friday. Indonesia is the second country in the world with the highest number of corona cases after the United States. Experts say 14% of Indonesia’s population has been vaccinated with one dose and 6.4% with both. But most have been vaccinated against the Chinese synovic vaccine, which is not effective against the Delta variant. Because of this the cases are constantly increasing.

Pakistan is the 30th country in the world where the number of corona cases

has crossed one million. The number of corona infected patients in Pakistan has crossed one million. Pakistan is the 30th country in the world with the highest number of corona cases. In the last 24 hours, 1425 cases of corona have been reported in Pakistan. The Pakistan government has said that the positive rate of corona in the country is six out of 100 tests. Here in the city of Karachi the Delta variant has wreaked havoc.

Bangladesh’s toughest lockdown so far, troops on the road have been

declared. It will be effective from 5 August. For this, the army has also been deployed on the road. A Dhaka police official said on Friday that no one would be allowed to go out unless absolutely necessary.

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