UK ready without mask and social distance; PM Boris said- whether to wear a mask or not is now up to the people!

  • More than half the population in Britain has been vaccinated
  • The rapid pace of vaccination weakened the virus

Citizens of the United Kingdom may soon get rid of the mask. It was necessary to follow the mask and social distance in the midst of the Corona crisis. Now with the rapid pace of vaccination the UK has decided to get rid of it. The announcement was made by British Prime Minister Boris Jones on Monday.

Corona are taking steps towards reducing restrictions

said Boris Johnson, they have to learn to live with the corona virus, but with what we’re going to fill in the steps towards reducing restrictions. People in Britain will soon get rid of wearing masks indoors or in public places, while also getting rid of the social distance of one meter.

No legal action will be taken

Boris announced that these restrictions could be legally lifted from July 19, but now it is left to the people, i.e. if someone wants to wear a mask and follow social distance, he Can, but no legal action will be taken against him for not doing so. However, the final decision will be taken on July 12.

People in Britain will get rid of Covid’s protocol after months of moving towards living without a Britain mask . Corona has killed around 1.25 lakh people in the UK, with millions of cases reported. The second, third wave of the Corona and the impact of the Delta variant also wreaked havoc in the UK, but leaving all this behind, the country is now moving towards living without a mask.

Britain’s public health officials say the country’s ongoing vaccination program has weakened the virus and reduced the number of deaths. This is the reason why we can now relax the rules to some extent.

More than half of the population has received a

dose of the vaccine Let me tell you that more than half of the population of the United Kingdom has received a dose of the vaccine. About 80 million people have received one dose of the vaccine. 40 million people have received both doses of the vaccine. This is the reason why the corona effect has diminished somewhat here now.

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