The trend of keeping dangerous animals has increased in America, Britain, making videos with them and making money, even endangering lives

  • In the midst of the epidemic the youth found a new way of earning, gaining recognition as pet-tubers

Usually people keep dogs and cats. Many people find fish, turtles, parrots and other exotic birds in their homes, but in countries like the United States and Britain, there is a growing trend to keep many strange, dangerous animals, including venomous snakes, pythons, large lizards, cockroaches, and tarantula spiders. There are many channels on social media where these animals are shown through videos. Such videos get millions of views which earns the keepers of these animals.

Tomas Pacicgenic, a native of New Jersey, is also involved. Tomas has 32 different types of insects in addition to a pet dog. These include many types of spiders, cockroaches, headhogs and pythons. There are many young people like Tomas who upload videos of their pets every day. The pet tuber features former British zoo keeper Amjotic, reptile tailor Nicole Dean, parrot-raising actress Marilyn McCohan, snake-raising violinist Thompman and many more whose videos are very popular.

For the view they perform unique feats with their animals and often endanger the lives of these animals. On the other hand these stomach tubers are also at risk. Tomas says we maintain distance to avoid his attack. However, even after being together for a long time, I can’t be careless as it can be fatal. However the critics of this video are no less. The pet tuber is also accused of evicting these animals from their natural habitat and torturing them.

Millions of views are earned

on social media. Feeding of pets on social media, videos related to their monitoring are also uploaded by creating content according to different stories and themes. The more subscribers and views you have, the more you will earn. A video with 10 lakh views can earn between 3000 to 20000 Dollars.

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