As Taliban gain in Afghanistan, US Prez Biden rules out changes in troop withdrawal plan

US President Joe Biden Tuesday ruled out any change within the withdrawal of his troops from Afghanistan despite the Taliban increasingly capture over large parts of the country.

President Biden has ordered the withdrawal of all the US troops from Afghanistan by 9/11 . The Pentagon says it’s already withdrawn quite 90 per cent of its troops from the war-ravaged country.

“No,” Biden told reporters at the White House when asked if his current decide to withdraw troops could change in the least .

“America spent over a trillion dollars over 20 years and trained over 300,000 Afghan forces. Afghan leaders need to close . We lost thousands lost to death and injury thousands of yank personnel. They have to fight for themselves, fight for his or her nation,” he asserted.

“The us I’ll insist we still keep the commitments we made from providing close air support, ensuring that their air force functions and is operable, resupplying their forces with food and equipment, and paying all their salaries. But they have to require to fight. they need outnumbered the Taliban,” Biden said.

Biden said the Afghans are starting to realize they have to return together politically at the highest . “But we are getting to still keep our commitment. But I don’t feel sorry about my verdict,” he said.

Earlier, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki told reporters the US visited Afghanistan to make justice to those that attacked on 9/11 , to interrupt terrorists seeking to use Afghanistan as a secure place to attack . “We secured those purpose few years back,” she said.

“We make justice the threat now against our homeland. Which is his responsibility as commander-in-chief to specialize in , as being one where the threat emerge from outside of Afghanistan”.

The President asked for a transparent assessment, for a review from his team on what the possible implications might be . He asked them to not sugarcoat that. He asked them to get out specifically and clearly what the results might be , she said.

“I’ll also note that we’ve given that an super deal and a diversity of help to the Afghan National Security Defence Forces. America proposed a big amount of funding within the FY 2022 budget appeal for $3.3 billion for the Afghan Security Forces”.

“So, he made a choice as commander-in-chief.

Those are difficult decisions to form . He did it because after 20 years at war. It is time to bring our troops our men and ladies home. That we will still be partners and supporters of their efforts on the bottom” Psaki said.

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