Sukhbir Toor: After a long fight, Sikh US Marines allowed to wear turban, for the first time in 246 years

A Sikh officer serving in the US Army has now been allowed to wear his turban. US Marine Corps. Lt. Sukhbir Toor, who had been fighting for this for the last five years. He has now been allowed to wear a turban during his day-to-day duties.

This is the first time in the Marine Corps that such an exemption has been given to someone in view of the respect of their religious sentiments.

Lt Sukhbir Toor says that now he will not have to choose between his country and his religious sentiments. He can move forward by taking both together.

This type of dispute has been going on in the US Army for a long time. Where discussions are going on about giving such exemption to a soldier. Apart from America, in Britain, Canada, Australia, now Sikh soldiers are given such exemption. But this is the first time in the 246-year history of the US Marine Corps that someone will be allowed to wear a turban.

However, some rules have been applied here as well. Lieutenant Toor will be allowed to wear a turban during his day-to-day duties, but will not be able to do so if duty is imposed in a violence-prone place. Also, if there is a ceremony of a unit, then it will not be allowed there under full dress.

Lt Toor says that now he has got some victory in this matter, but further fight is still going on. Lt Toor had joined the Marines in the year 2017, since then he had to face many problems regarding keeping the turban.

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