Working Days: Suggestions to companies in Japan – 4 days working day, debate broke out in the country

Working Days: Due to Corona, there has been a change in the way of working all over the world. Along with work from home, many companies are also giving more leave to their employees. On the other hand, the Japanese government has suggested companies to give employees the option of working only 4 days instead of 5. Employees will also be given the right to choose on which 4 days they would like to work. In fact, the government there wants to give so much time to the people that they can balance between job as well as family responsibilities. But there has been a debate in Japan regarding this policy.

Falling birth rate is also the reason

Regarding this plan, the Japanese government hopes that people will go out and spend due to the extra vacation, which will be better for the economy. Young couples will go out on vacation. Will meet each other, marry and have children. The Japanese government also wants to recover from the falling birth rate.

Companies adopted new methods

Economist Martin Schultz says that during the pandemic, companies adopted new ways of working. They are asking their employees to work from a small place away from their homes, offices or near customers, which is comfortable for many employees and it also increases productivity. Schultz points out that some Japanese companies have also taken advantage of the government’s plan and are now reducing their space.

Fear of loss of income

At the same time, some economists say that there are flaws in this plan. Japan is already struggling with a shortage of workers. In such a situation, employees are also worried that working less days may reduce their income. Many companies have given job offers to a student studying. But he chose a smaller company. She says that in big companies the balance of work and life gets disturbed.

‘Karoshi’ will be saved

Many times there are reports in Japan that people got sick due to overwork or employees gave their lives due to stress. There is a word in the Japanese language for this, karoshi. It means- death due to overwork. Regarding this, Schultz says that in the last one year people have shown that there is no need to stay in the office for five to five days and late at night to work.

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