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Space travelers Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson are not astronauts in the eyes of the US, citing rules

Washington: Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and businessman Richard Branson, who are dreaming of traveling to space and calling themselves astronauts, have suffered a major setback. The US government has made it clear that both the billionaires cannot be given the status of Astronaut. In fact, the US has tightened the rules regarding the interpretation of astronauts. due to which the wish of Bezos and Branson has remained unfulfilled,

What are the new rules called?

According to the BBC report, New Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) rules state that to be called an astronaut, a person must be part of a flight crew and contribute to space flight safety. . This means that Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson are not astronauts in the eyes of the US government.

Changes for the first time since 2004

The report states that the changes have been made for the first time since the introduction of the FAA Wings program in 2004. The update to the Commercial Astronaut Wings Program was announced on Tuesday. On the same day when Amazon’s Jeff Bezos flew to the edge of space in a Blue Origin rocket. Both the billionaires hoped that now Astronaut would be added in front of their name, but could not do so.

could not meet the second criterion

To qualify as a commercial astronaut, space travelers must travel 50 miles above Earth’s surface. Which both Bezos and Branson have accomplished. However, due to the amendment, they did not meet the second criterion. The agency says that extra-altitude astronauts will also have to cooperate in those activities during the flight. Which are necessary for public safety.

This is how Astronaut’s tag is also available

By the way, there are two other ways in America, through which the Astronaut gets the title. This is possible when someone travels to space through the army and NASA. The first Astronaut Wings were given to astronauts Alan Shepard Jr. and Virgil Grissom for their participation in the Mercury Seven program in the early 1960s. Since Bezos and Branson were not part of NASA or the military’s campaign, they will not receive this award.

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