Retirement home for cows in Germany, he does not need to breastfeed or work; Try to eat and drink comfortably

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A retirement home for cows has been set up in the German city of Batjdingen. There is no need for cows to give milk. All they are expected to do is eat and drink comfortably. Apart from Gauvansh, horses, dogs and poultry are also kept in this retirement home to provide them a natural environment.

In this way this pet has become a sanctuary for animals and birds. Here all the pets live in a free environment, playing with each other. No work is done from them. They are also not used for meals. This retirement home is run by Carin Mack and her partner Jan Gerdes.

People mostly wanted to kill animals, they say. Especially those who have no work left for themselves. We brought them from different places. Now they are living a comfortable retirement life. We believe that animals do not have to work. They don’t even need to be used as food. This pet and bird sanctuary is spread over an area of ​​about 100 acres.

There used to be a dairy farm here, so there was a conducive environment for cows. “We need to think about how animals can live in peace,” she added. He is assisted in his care by three young sisters – Christina Burning, Celine and Michelle Carin and Gerdes.

Christina wanted to save one of her cows from going to the slaughterhouse. Her father wanted to sell the cow to the slaughterhouse. Christie then struggled with her father and brought her cow to this retirement home. Now he comes here and takes care of other animals as well. Here the animals are given different names.


number of vegetarians in Germany has risen by 20 million in 32 years, according to researchers at Castle Uni. Dairy products are being promoted in Germany.

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