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Remote hotel: Jules’ Undersea Lodge

Key Largo (Global Adventures): It’s pricy, it’s special, and it’s only for scuba divers – Jules’ Undersea Lodge. Located close to Key Largo, Florida, the hotel is anchored to the ocean floor at a depth of 30 feet. Guests need to be certified or take a ‘Discover Scuba’ course ($150 per person) to get to their room since scuba diving is the only way to reach the establishment. The hotel is located at the bottom of the Emerald Lagoon and was opened in 1986. Jules’ Undersea Lodge used to be a marine laboratory. The name relates to Jules Verne’s novel “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.”

The lodge

features a 2 bedroom 1 bath retreat that can be rented for a night. The front door is located 21 feet (6.4 meters) under water for entry scuba certificate must required. With rates starting at $375 per person per night, the price trumps most Ritz Carlton’s, but neither room service nor royalty points are available. However, the former marine lab provides some comfort: Hot showers, a well stocked kitchen complete with refrigerator and microwave, books, music, and movies are provided, the hotel advertises on its website.

The authenticity of the underwater habitat is what really sets it apart from amusement parks and other similar attractions. Tropical angelfish, parrotfish, barracuda, and snappers peek in the windows of the habitat, while anemones, sponges, oysters and feather duster worms seem to cover every inch of this underwater world. Jules’ Undersea Lodge provides scuba gear to explore their marine environment to Guests of the Lodge and an unlimited supply tanks are given.

Forbes rated The hotel recently by as one of the World’s most remote Hotels. Privacy is certainly not an issue here, but it comes at a price fees are not negotiable. According to website the hotels not included taxes.

Jules’ Undersea Lodge

is one of four operational seafloor habitats in the U.S. besides the Scott Carpenter Space Analog Station. The Marine Lab Research Station, and the Aquarius laboratory habitat. In 1997 and 1998 for two missions The Scott Carpenter Space Analog Station has used by NASA. The Scott Carpenter Space Analog Station was also used for educational outreach between missions.

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