Opportunity to work with Tesla: Alan Musk

Tesla CEO Alan Musk has announced on Twitter that he will hire people without a college degree.

  • Alan Musk will give a job without a degree 
  • Jobs will be found at the Tesla plant 
  • Alan Musk tweeted the information 

The Tesla manufacturing plant, built near Austin, will employ 10,000 people by 2022. The good thing is that students will also have the opportunity to work with the brand. You don’t even need a college degree to work with a popular brand. Students will be able to apply for a job at this plant after high school. 

Musk had earlier announced in July that construction work was booming with the company’s latest manufacturing facility. According to a report by Austin American Statsman, if Tesla hires 10,000 people, the number of hiring workers will be double the minimum number which was 5000 earlier. 

The benefits of a job in Texas Musk

Musk in his tweet called the benefits of  joining a job in the new Giga Texas. He said the airport is only 5 minutes away from the job site. No additional details were provided by Musk via tweet. On Tuesday, Musk urged people to join his company Aerospace and Spacex, which is based in South Texas. Friends were also asked to encourage. 

Chris Riley, a recruiting manager for the company, said the company has approached Austin Community College, University of Houston-Touston, and the University of Texas. He further said that the company is considering recruiting students who want to pursue a career in Tesla with their education. 

The company also made it clear that people are coming from outside manufacturing. There is also a lot of opportunity here for those who have a passion and are capable of change. Austin American reports that the company’s website lists more than 280 open positions for the current sector. Tesla is looking to hire talented people from the region. These include high schools, colleges, workforce training agencies and business groups. 

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