Oil spill from Crimson Polaris reaches Japan coast

An oil spill from a wood shatter carrier Crimson Polaris, that rip in two after it ran shipwrecked at the Hachinohe Port on Wednesday, has arrived Japanese beachs.

According to the japanese Coast Guard, heavy oil that spilled from the Panama-flagged vessel reached the coast of Misawa City on Friday morning civil time . The stranded oil has spread around 24 km north of the coastline. The extent of any environmental impact remains unclear because the authorities still tackle the oil spill.

The 49,500 dwt ship operated by Japan’s NYK Line had about 1,550 metric tonnes of heavy oil and about 130 metric tonnes of diesel fuel on board. The quantity of oil that spilled into the sea . “The Maritime Disaster Prevention Center is trying to modulate it using oil-treatment representatives and adsorption carpets,” NYK Line said.

The Crimson Polaris, owned by MI-DAS Line,

an affiliate of Doun Kisen, broke apart at 4,15 hrs civil time on Thursday. The ship’s split shell is about 4 km offshore Japan. A crack that originally occurred between the No. 5 cargo area and therefore the No. 6 cargo area at the rear of the vessel worsened. Therefore the hull eventually split into two, NYK Line explained.

The bow is floating and held by an chain. Therefore the stern appears to possess become stranded on the seabed. MI-DAS Line is claimed to be in discussions with relevant authorities and salvage companies concerning towing and treatment of the separated hull.

The 2006-built vessel, with 21 crewmembers on board, grounded and sustained structural damage on Wednesday morning because it was unable to navigate thanks to inclemency . The explanation for the accident is currently being confirmed, and investigative authorities are interviewing the captain.

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