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New York: Shipwreck found at WTC site

New York (Global Adventures): A shipwreck dating back to the 18th century has been uncovered at the World Trade Center reconstruction site. The well preserved 32-foot long hull of what appears to be a sailing ship emerged from the mud with the deck almost intact. A 100 pound anchor measuring three to four feet across was found close to the site.

So far, almost nothing is known about the wreck or how it came to the site amid layers of landfill. Firstly whaling enthusiasts speculate that a metal arc found on the keel belonged to a fixture used by sailors to process blubber. Secondly city official hope that the anchor and some spikes discovered at an area between Cedar Street to the south. Liberty Street to the north hold clues that will help to reveal the identity of the vessel.

Some archeologists say that the wreck may have been deliberately placed. After that wreck on the site as landfill to help expand lower Manhattan into the Hudson River. After that maps dating back to 1797 show Washington Street going over the site.  Where the ship has been discovered 25 feet below street level.

Scientists don’t have much time to solve the mysteries surrounding the wreck. The remains now exposed to air will start to deteriorate quickly. At least parts of the hull seem to be salvageable, archeologists say. They will be sent to a lab to determine the age of the vessel.

The mystery wreck at the site of the former World Trade Center is only the latest wreck discovery in the area. A 18th century cargo ship was found at 175 Water Street in 1982.

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