Neeraj Chopra’s 87.58m: How good was India Javelin star’s Olympic Gold medal-winning throw

Neeraj Chopra made history on Saturday together with his javelin in Olympic. the entire nation remains celebrating that, amazed by his feat and his humility. He spoke about his achievement, his dreams and his fears, his journey through dejection and fame on Sunday.

I am absolutely delighted to possess won the first-ever track and field medal for India, that too a gold. It’s the start of a replacement revolution in Indian sports. I don’t call on the carpet to elucidate how it feels. it had been a proud moment on behalf of me when the tricolor was fluttering and therefore the anthem was being played at the stadium. i used to be standing with the trophy around my neck. i think the approaching years are going to be great for Indian athletics.

The time lost in 2019 due to my injury (he had developed spurs in his elbow then due to the coronavirus in 2020, I think the trophy has healed all those bad memories and it’s brought immense satisfaction to me.
Every athlete dreams of winning an Olympic medal in his lifetime, but here I’m with a gold, what more am i able to ask for? I’m an optimist and a firm believer in destiny. So, i think if this gold has come despite the challenges posed by my injury and Covid-19 during the last two years, then i feel the time lost was also during a way good on behalf of me.

During the ultimate , what was browsing your mind after each throw? When did you begin feeling that you simply could actually win gold?

When the ultimate was underway, there was just one thought in my mind that I had to offer my best with every throw attempted. I even have to make sure that my body movement remains in sync with my throws. i used to be confident about my game.

Javelin throw may be a very technical game. It’s more about using your brain and keeping calm. a small deviation from the technique can ruin your attempt. doesn’t matter that I couldn’t break the national record or achieve my personal best mark. The Olympic gold has its own shine and value. I realized that I had won the gold when the opposite competitors couldn’t produce their best in their last attempts.

How Klaus Bartonietz’s technique was different from Uwe Hohn?

I have been training with coach Klaus since 2019 and he has contributed immensely to my trophy success in Tokyo. His planning and technique suit my game. i used to be with another German coach Uwe Hohn in 2018, I worked on my strength and fitness with him. We had a rather different approach. He had his own ideas and wanted me to continue thereupon . I had a special technique of throwing. So, I spoke to him about this then moved on to coach under coach Klaus for fine-tuning my technique.

The way Klaus guided me and worked on my overall game benefitted me the foremost . Every coach features a different style, so i might wish to say ‘thank you’ to Hohn sir also . But it had been Klaus under whom my overall game improved, my technique improved and you all can see the results.

You dedicated your medal to Milkha Singh ji. What was your thought behind that?

I have watched Milkha Singh ji’s several videos from his athletics career. He wanted the Indian track and field athletes to overcome the Olympic podium. He narrowly lost a medal in Rome 1960. So he always wanted someone from India to travel and win at the Olympics.

When I won the gold and therefore the anthem played out, all his words came flooding my mind and that i just couldn’t control my emotions. Sadly, he’s not with us to ascertain today . But, standing on stage , I just considered him, his long-standing wish and decided to dedicate this medal to him. PT Usha madam also dreamt of an Olympic medal during her career, so I even have also fulfilled her wish.

Standing on the highest of stage , taking note of the Jana Gana Mana and seeing the ensign being hoisted, what was that feeling like? What was browsing your mind?

The feeling was that each one your diligence and sacrifices have paid off. There are not any words to explain those feelings, it can only be felt, and that i skills it feels.

What is subsequent goal now for Neeraj Chopra- the athlete?

I will celebrate my get back home, eat ‘choorma’ dish prepared by my mother. I’ll take some much-deserved break and sleep well. Then, I’ll start my training and specialise in subsequent year’s Commonwealth, Asian Games and World Championships.

You have been getting tons of attention on social media. How does one see all of this?

Yes, I can see I even have gained numerous followers on social media after the Olympic gold. Good that folks now know me, they see a star in me. But, I specialise in my game and social media in my free time. It’s only for enjoyment.

What did Klaus say before the final?

Klaus told me, throw your best in your first attempt like within the qualification. Don’t leave anything to chance. I had also spoken to my uncle Bhim Chopra and my childhood coach Jaiveer before the ultimate , they also said an equivalent thing. They knew that something good would happen on Saturday and that’s what happened.

People are saying that you simply should play yourself in your biopic. What does one believe that?

Right now, my full focus is on my game. The biopic can wait. once I retire, a biopic are often made on me. i would like to earn more achievements, bring more laurels for the country. i would like to earn more respect as an athlete, in order that there are often new stories related to me once I finally hang up my boots.

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