Man opened fire when asked to stop car in Chicago, one officer killed, one injured

Chicago (USA), Aug 9 (AP) A man on board opened fire when asked to stop in Chicago, US, killing a 29-year-old female police officer and seriously injuring another.

Chicago Superintendent of Police David Brown told a news conference that officers had stopped a vehicle in south Chicago just after 9 p.m., carrying two men and a woman. As soon as the car stopped, a man in it opened fire. The officers also retaliated by targeting the man. No information has been given regarding the condition of the person who fired the shots. All three have been taken into custody, but no charges have been framed against them so far. The identities of the three have not been revealed by the police.

The officer killed in the shooting has been identified as Ella French, according to the Chicago Police Department’s Facebook page. For the first time since 2018, a police officer has died in firing on duty. At the same time, after 33 years, a woman police officer has died on duty. When asked about the condition of the injured officer, Brown said, “He is in critical condition. We need to pray.”

In a news conference, Mayor Lori Lightfoot urged Chicagoans to end acrimony against the police. He said, “Just do it. We don’t want this constant struggle at this time. Police is not our enemy. We must come together and face our enemy, which is guns and some gangs.”

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