Julie Bowen of ‘Modern Family’ helped rescue a hiker who fainted during a Utah park

Actor Julie Bowen of “Modern Family” and her sister helped rescue a hiker when she fainted last week at Arches park in Moab, Utah, the hiker told.

“They could have just ignored me, passed on, but they didn’t,” Minnie John said Saturday. “She could have gone on — she must have had a busy agenda that was disturbed due to me. They treated me, a stranger, amorously and respect.”

John, of latest Jersey, recounted the events during a three-part Facebook post during which she also shared photos of her experience.

She, her husband, Shaji, and their son, Brandon, had gone to Utah to ascertain the fragile Arch, she wrote. The attraction, which is 46 feet high and 32 feet wide, is that the largest free-standing arch within the park and one among the foremost popular sights.

John said that as they neared the trail’s end, she felt lightheaded, dizzy and unable to form it to the arch, which was still quarter-hour away. She said she sat on a rock to avoid fainting and told her family to continue without her.

“All I remember is sitting there with my head in my hands secure on the rock,” John wrote in one Facebook post. “Next thing I hear someone with a well-known voice kept asking me questions.”

John told that Bowen, best known for enjoying Claire Dunphy on the television program “Modern Family,” her sister, Dr. Annie Luetkemeyer, and a guide were also hiking to ascertain the fragile Arch. “The guide saw me fall forward,” she said.

Bowen, her sister and therefore the guide ran to John and located she’d broken her nose and the skin round her nose, she said.

In a brief phone conversation, Luetkemeyer confirmed that she and her sister rescued the hiker.

‘They were so right down to earth, so genuine, so sweet’

John, who is diabetic, had low blood glucose , was severely dehydrated, and had forgotten to eat since breakfast, she said. John said Luetkemeyer, was ready to lookout of her directly , cleaning her wound and providing her with electrolytes, medicine and pretzels.

“I had no strength in my feet,” John said. “Julie and Annie got both my arms, lifted me up, and put me on an equivalent rock I’d fallen off of. My eyes came into focus and that i saw Julie ahead of me as Annie was still lecture me.”

Once she was seated, Bowen and Luetkemeyer used John’s cellphone to contact Brandon, John explained. As they waited for the return of John’s family, John asked for a gaggle photo.

“I said, ‘Can I take a picture?’ and Julie said, ‘Of course,’ and gave me an enormous hug and that we took an image ,” John said. “They were so right down to earth, so genuine, so sweet: Not in the least how you would possibly expect an enormous actor or an enormous doctor to be — which they’re . They were with great care humble, so loving.”

Fifteen minutes later, Shaji and Brandon returned from the arch.

“They were so frantic,” John wrote in her post. “Had I fallen sideways or backwards, i might have split my head.”

John visited Moab Regional Hospital, where she received five stitches and was told she had a fractured nose. She said doctors there told her many hikers do not realize how difficult the trail is, especially given the warmth , and can often go ill-prepared.

“I have scabs over all the scraped parts,” John said.

She added how amazed she was at Bowen and her sister’s actions.

“I knew I’d never meet them again but I appreciated and admired the human a part of what they did selfless, not selfish,” she said. “We tend to forget the daily kindnesses we encounter. We’re blind to everything around us and do not imagine that folks are going to be so good, kind and caring.”

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