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Jeff Bezos offers NASA 2 billion discount to get ‘Moon Mission Contract’, Alan Musk got the contract in April

  • Bezos wrote an open letter to NASA Administrator Bill Nelson
  • Musk claimed Jeff Bezos’s company was not competent

Amazon founder and owner of Blue Origin, Jeff Bezos, has offered the US space agency NASA a 2 billion discount for manned space missions. He wrote a letter to NASA offering a 2 billion discount if his company was allowed to make a moon lender.

Jeff Bezos has made this proposal to NASA because of the ongoing space war with Alan Musk. SpaceX was awarded a 2. 2.9 billion Human Lending System (HLS) contract in April alone. However, a third company, Blue Origin and Dynamics, has protested against NASA and is awaiting a decision.

Blue Origin will waive all payments up to 2 2 billion.

Bezos said in an open letter to NASA administrator Bill Nelson that his company would stop the US space agency’s budget cuts and produce a safer and more sustainable lender. Which will help get Americans to the moon. “I believe this mission is important,” Bezos wrote. I am proud to recommend this contribution. I am grateful for my financial position to be able to do so.

In the letter, Bezos said Blue Origin would put the program on track by forgiving all payments of up to 2 2 billion in the current and next two fiscal years due to a lack of budget funding for HLS. Blue Origin will accept a fixed amount of contract for this work. At the same time any system development will cover the cost overrun and keep NASA away from the concern of partner cost escalation.

Blue Origin accuses NASA The

U.S. space agency was hoping to take two lunar lander prototypes, although funding cuts from the U.S. Congress have prompted the agency to opt for SpaceX instead of Blue Origin. In a 175-page protest, Blue Origin accused NASA of misrepresenting many parts of its lunar lander proposal, called Blue Moon.

Musk responded to Blue Origin’s protest with a tweet. He said he was not able to bring the lunar lander up. The contract is part of NASA’s Ortemis program. Its goal is to bring astronauts back to the moon by 2024 as a step towards the first human mission to Mars.

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