Japanese earthquake understanding, 14 language app for foreigners, 12 thousand engineers at the Olympic venue

  • A big challenge for Japan to make foreign players aware of the earthquake

The Olympic Games are still three weeks away in Tokyo, the capital of Japan. Japan says it is ready for a safe Olympics from Corona. However, Japan has not yet said anything about earthquake safety. On this issue, Japan’s Disaster Management Expert Robin Takshi Lewis says that the Japanese people have a deep understanding of dealing with earthquakes, but Japan is very weak in terms of language and cultural understanding of foreign players. So for the Japanese the situation has become 10 times more complicated.

However, the government department is conducting an awareness campaign to prevent earthquakes. Children in schools and staff in offices are regularly taught what to do in an earthquake. The army is also ready to prevent the damage caused by the earthquake. Architects and builders also pay special attention to anti-seismic technology when designing tall buildings. This is because areas like central Tokyo face mild to moderate earthquakes every month.

There was a strong earthquake in eastern Japan in February this year. He recalled the 2011 tsunami that killed 19,000 people. Japanese officials say the Olympics will be attended by thousands of athletes, coaches and media personnel from around the world, even if there are no foreign spectators. Prior to the epidemic, Japanese officials were preparing for a run in the stadium if an earthquake struck during the Olympics.

However, the Japanese do not have to be notified of an earthquake, but sending a message to foreigners is a big challenge. The government has developed a 14-language app to provide information on earthquakes. People are also being asked to download the app by putting up posters at airports, railway stations and hotels.

More than 60

earthquakes a year in Tokyo According to Naoshi Hirta, chairman of the Japan Earthquake Committee, there are an average of 60 earthquakes a year in central Tokyo. Hirta says there is a risk of an earthquake during the Olympics, but it doesn’t have to be catastrophic. The magnitude of the earthquake in Tokyo in the next 30 years will be 70% more than 7 Richter scale.

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