Iran’s new President Ibrahim Raisi Challenges US-Israel, What will be the relationship with India in areas including energy needs?

  • He has been sentenced to death and imprisonment since the age of 20
  • Israel has called Ibrahim Raisi Tehran’s “butcher.”
  • Amnesty and the International Commission of Human Rights have called for an investigation into crimes against humanity.

Ibrahim Raisi, 60, has been elected Iran’s new president. Ibrahim Raisi is believed to be close to Ayatollah Ali Khomeini, Iran’s 81-year-old supreme religious leader. Raisi has been Iran’s chief justice since March 2019. He is considered to be a very religious fundamentalist and a strict person.

There was a sharp reaction from Israel when he was officially announced as Iran’s new president last Saturday. Israel branded Ibrahim Raisi as Iran’s butcher. On the other hand, based on his human rights track record, he has been banned by the US and the European Union. Given all these developments, Raisi’s history has been controversial.

Ibrahim’s dominance in Iran’s political arena Ibrahim Raisi, who served as Iran’s chief justice, had previously lost the election to Hassan Rouhani in 2017. Although many leaders were barred from running in the election this time around, Ibrahim Raisi’s victory was almost certain.
The three main contenders in the election, Mohsin Razai, Amiruhosen Qazizadeh Hoshemi and reformist Abdul Nasir Hemati, conceded defeat after the election results and congratulated Raisi. Earlier, popular leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was barred from running in the by-elections. Ibrahim Raisi received 62 percent of the vote.

Who is Ibrahim Raisi?

Raisi was born in Mashhad, the second holiest city in Iran. The city is located near the Iranian border with Turkmenistan. His father died when Ibrahim was five years old. He was a young seminary in the city of Qom at the time of the 1979 revolution. He was then made prosecutor-general in the city of Karaj outside Tehran and only 20 at the time.

Raised in a Maulvi family, Raisi received religious education. He holds a PhD in law. In 2004, he was appointed Deputy Chief Justice. When he was made Attorney General in 2014. He has been the Chief Justice of Iran since March 2019. Raisi wears a black turban, a symbol of being a descendant of the Prophet Muhammad.

Jamila Alam al-Hoda, daughter of political leader Ayatollah Alam al-Hoda, has been in Iran. His wife is a professor. During his tenure as a judge, Reisi has jailed several journalists, political activists, and a number of people with dual citizenship, including U.S. citizens.

Ibrahim Raisi is believed to have been responsible for the deaths of 30,000 people.

Ibrahim Raisi was one of four members of the Tehran Death Committee in 1988, which systematically executed 30,000 political prisoners. In 1988, at the behest of Yatullah Khomeini, it was decided to call for the extermination of imprisoned Mujahideen-e-Khalq (MEK) members.

According to a 130-page report by London-based human rights lawyer Geoffrey Robertson QC, MEK members were hanged en masse on a crane in front of the Assembly Hall stage. Other political prisoners were taken out of prison cells at night and shot.

Raisi’s role at this time was as a junior member of the committee. He also admitted in a speech in May 2018 that he was present at the meeting when the decision was taken on August 15, 1988.

India-Iran relations
India-Iran can be a very important partner on the issue of terrorism. The Chabahar project is very important between the two countries. India-Iran gas pipeline is proposed to be laid. This is a very important plan for India’s energy needs. India imports crude oil from Iran. It is supplied approximately 458000 barrels of crude oil. Iran is the third largest importer of crude oil from India.
Reactions from countries around the world

If someone has expressed regret over the election of Ibrahim Raisi as the new president, someone has congratulated him.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday congratulated the new President of Iran. He said he was looking forward to working with them to further strengthen the cordial relations between India and Iran.

Amnesty International Secretary Agnes Colemard said the crimes committed against humanity by the REC should be investigated. The United States has questioned the conduct of elections in Iran, saying the Iranian people could not participate freely and independently in the presidential election. It has also explicitly refused to renegotiate directly with Tehran over the 2015 nuclear deal.

Israel has named Ibrahim Raisi as Tehran’s butcher. Criticizing the newly elected Iranian president, he said that Iran is committed to developing its nuclear program rapidly and that it is a matter of concern for the world. In addition, Pakistan, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Qatar, Hamas and the United Arab Emirates have congratulated Ibrahim Raisi.

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