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The International Space Station was out of NASA’s control for 45 minutes, due to a backfire in the Russian module.

  • The ISS was out of the control of the American space agency NASA

The astronauts’ home in space was spared a major mishap on Thursday on the International Space Station (ISS). It was 45 minutes away from the place where it is in flight position in its orbit. The flight team present at NASA’s control center later reached the station with the help of control thrusters. He said at the peak of the incident the station was moving from its position at a speed of half a degree per second.

The incident was caused by a technical defect in the Russian laboratory module Nauka. The boat was currently attached to the ISS. Its jet thrusters were turned on automatically. This caused the ISS to fall out of the control of the American space agency NASA. ISS currently has 7 crew members.

NASA also postponed the launch of the Starliner Capsule.

Shortly after the incident, NASA was to begin the countdown to the launch of the Boeing CST-100 Starliner Capsule. It also had to be linked to the ISS. It is now scheduled to launch on August 3. If for some reason that day is also postponed, it will be done on 4th August. The Starliner was to be launched from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida with a Boeing Lockheed Martin Corp Atlas V rocket.

The crew is in no danger,

NASA said, adding that there are currently two Russian, three American, one Japanese and one French astronaut on the station. The team on the ground lost contact with the crew twice during the 45-minute incident, but were out of danger. No information has yet been received about the cause of the defect in the thrusters of the boat module.

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