Imran takes action against terrorist outfits in Pakistan: Kamala Harris

During talks with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, US Vice President Kamala Harris slammed Pakistan for raising the issue of terrorism and asked Imran Khan to take action against terrorist organizations in Pakistan.

US Vice President Kamala Harris has made it clear that Pakistan is harboring terrorist organizations and that action is needed. During her meeting with PM Modi, Harris lashed out at Pakistan for promoting terrorism. She made it clear that terrorist organizations were operating in Pakistan. the Imran Khan government should take action against the terrorist organizations that have sprung up in his country so that the security of the US and India is not affected.

Harris said terrorist organizations were operating in Pakistan. He also agreed that India has been a victim of cross-border terrorism for decades. He acknowledged that such terrorist organizations need to closely monitor the cooperation they receive from Pakistan.

With this, Prime Minister Modi addressed the Global Corona Summit convened by US President Biden. The first personal meeting between the two leaders is taking place since Biden became US president on January 20. Biden has invited Prime Minister Modi to a dinner at the White House. In the first private meeting of quad leaders, Modi will discuss and devise a strategy to curb China’s growing dominance in the Indo-Pacific region.


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