Hong Kong: The ‘Apple Daily’ newspaper, which used to declare the wealth of communist leaders, will now be shut down, it was the voice of democracy

  • Statement of the Board of Directors, the present position is not correct

The pro-democracy newspaper ‘Apple Daily’ is going to close in Hong Kong. The board of directors of this media group said in a statement on Wednesday that due to the current situation in Hong Kong. Both our print and online editions will be closed on Saturday. The decision follows the arrest last week of the newspaper’s editors and executives. As well as the confiscation of the newspaper’s 23 2.3 million assets by the Sino-Hong Kong government.

Earlier on Wednesday, police arrested Lee Ping, a columnist on a social issue in the Apple Daily, on charges of endangering national security. Police may make further arrests in this case. Grace Leung, a media lecturer at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, said: “The closure of Apple Daily has signaled to all media groups that they will be arrested if they touch on sensitive or important political issues.”

On the other hand, the Committee to Protect Journalists said, We will honor Jimmy Lane, the jailed founder of Hong Kong’s Next Digital Media Company and the Apple Daily newspaper, with the 2021 Gwen Eiffel Press Freedom Award. The United States, Britain and the European Union have also been criticized for taking action against Apple Daily.

Hong Kong exposes officials’ arbitrariness The 26-year-old newspaper exposed the secret assets of high-ranking leaders in China’s Communist Party. He also questioned the arbitrariness of officials in Hong Kong. With this, the newspaper became the leading voice of the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong. Five editors, including Jimmy Lai, the newspaper’s editor-in-chief, have since been arrested on charges of endangering national security.

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