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He spent 28 million for space travel but now he will be replaced by the 18-year-old boy Oliver Damon

Oliver Damon, 18, from the Netherlands, will fly into space next week with Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. If the flight is successful, Oliver will be the youngest person to go into space. However, it is said that there are many temptations when success is in front. Something similar happened to Oliver when he was offered 28 million for not going on his own spaceflight. But Oliver has opted for his own space travel, ignoring this rupee.

After retiring as CEO of Amazon recently, Bezos announced that he would be a passenger when his company Blue Origin launches its first similar space flight. Then Blue Origin’s first similar rocket will make its maiden flight next Tuesday to go into space. Importantly, this is the day when Apollo 11 first landed on the lunar surface 52 years ago. Significantly, Richard Brasson of Virgin Galactic, another private company, also flew his first commercial rocket last Sunday.

Bezos’ company has developed a suborbital

capsule called the New Shepard, which will travel 62 miles in the sky and return to Earth. However, an auction was held to get a seat in the capsule and a total of 7,600 people from 159 countries took part in the auction, which ended on June 12. The winning bid was 28 million. Blue Origin, however, did not say who he was. But in a recent press release, he said that the auction winner had a problem with the date of the rocket launch with a bidder and he has dropped out of the event. He has been replaced by Oliver Damon, the son of the chief executive of a private equity investment firm. He was the runner up in this auction.

Damon recently completed high school and is currently taking a one-year drop before going to college. “It wasn’t until I got a call last week,” Damen said. Although now this is like a dream come true for me. I know this flight in this space will only last for 11 minutes but for me these 11 minutes will be like a priceless gift.

Blue Origin’s spacecraft is similar

to the New Shepard Virgin Galactic’s Spaceship Two, although it is shaped like a traditional rocket, different from the Virgin Galactic spacecraft design. At the top of which will be placed a capsule which will reach into space with the help of a booster rocket and will return to the earth after being released from there. The flight includes Oliver and Bezos, as well as Bezos’ brothers Mark and Mary Valens Funk.


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