Frustrated by the epidemic and its aftermath, the mayor of 13 U.S. cities are stepping down; Said- tired of struggle, now we will do something else

Corona’s management was challenging. No one knew how to deal with the biggest public health crisis in history. This made me realize that I could do this job or that I was working to get elected or to keep the job but I failed on both fronts. Seattle Mayor Jenny Durken repents he will not run for mayor a second time. Durkan is not alone, as the mayor of about 13 major American cities, who have been struggling with Corona for two years and are terribly tired and frustrated, is resigning or announcing his resignation.

This has happened because of Corona

He is leaving his political career and looking for another option. This is the first time America has faced such a crisis. First Corona and then the recession, budget cuts and financial hardship have left them very tired. Mayor Kisha Lance of Atlanta, the country’s most talked about metro city, is considered the most promising leader of the Democratic Party.

She was also recently told that she was looking for another job. Kisha says Kovid had difficulties but the saddest thing was to see people die. I would use any word but it would not describe the pain of the last 18 months. The most troubled line is the state of Massachusetts. Here 8 mayors have left their posts this year. 5 have said they will not contest the election. The remaining three are looking for new jobs. It also includes Boston Mayor Marty Walsh.

“I’m leaving my political career after 12 years,” said Donna Holade, mayor of Newport, Massachusetts. Kovid made it difficult to work. Somerville Mayor Joe Cartaton says he’s not tired of work but Corona is tired. Has a passion for serving people. If we are going through such a time, if we look out of the window, we cannot even see a bird. But you can see that our allies are standing with us.

The mayor’s most difficult task after the US presidency is: Coleman, a

political analyst, considers it a cowardly burnout. Antonio Villarrigosa, former president of the U.S. Conference of Mayors, says fatigue and depression are directly related. Being the most high-profile and stressful job you can think of a crisis level and this is not over yet. Former Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman says the two years are heavier than the 9/11 and 2008 recessions. After the US president, the most difficult task is for the mayor. People’s expectations have increased and become more challenging than before.

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