The forest fires in the west cooled, but the damage kept increasing

Indian Falls (USA), July 28 Two giant wildfires raging in the west of America have cooled somewhat as the weather cools on Tuesday, but property damage continues to mount.

Scientists say evidence shows the ‘bootleg’ fire triggered a “whirlwind of fire” with winds of more than 179 kilometers per hour. Experts say this rare event is related to fires caused by dry, extremely hot conditions.

Nick Truex, who is in charge of extinguishing the fire, said teams reviewing the damage caused by the giant ‘Dixie’ fire in the mountains of northern California have so far destroyed 36 structures and seven in the remote ‘Indian Falls’. Damage to structures has been reported.

TrueX told an online conference on Monday night that about half the assessment has been done and further work depends on the activity of the fire.

Dixiag has burnt down 325 square miles of area. The area is larger than the area of ​​New York City and was only partially contained as of Tuesday. More than 10,000 homes are at risk northeast of San Francisco.

Historical droughts related to climate change

and recent warming have made wildfires more difficult to control in the western US. Scientists say that climate change has made the region very hot and dry over the past 30 years. It will continue to make the weather hotter and wildfires will continue to appear and prove to be devastating.

Officials hope that lowering temperatures, rising humidity levels, and isolated rain will help Oregon make progress against the bootleg fire. After burning 640 square meters of land in the remote area. Firefighters had brought it under more than half the control.

There have been many fires in different parts of America including bootleg, dixie, tamarack etc.

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