A fire broke out in the Gulf of Mexico as a gas pipeline leaked in the Mediterranean

  • Firefighters were also needed to put out the fire in the Mediterranean
  • After a five-hour struggle, the fire was brought under control
  • Oil company claims no casualties

Firefighters struggled to contain the blaze, which broke out in the waters around the Gulf of Mexico. In fact, the fire broke out after gas leaked from a seawater pipeline of Mexican oil company Petrolios Mexicanos or Pamex. Firefighters had to rush to the spot to put out the fire. Some newspapers and journalists shared videos with scenes of the fire on social media.

Flames of fire were seen in a circle between the surrounding water. Which made it look like an eye. Which is why reporters dubbed the scene ‘Eye of Fire’. The clip received thousands of views on social media in a short time. However, there are reports that the fire was brought under control after a great effort.

Five hours after the fire of struggle to curb

oil company Pamex said that ignited the leaking gas from the Gulf of Mexico Underwater pipeline was forced to struggle Firefighters up to five hours to fully suspended manner. An investigation has been launched into how the fire started. According to a Reuters report, Pemex said the fire is now completely under control. The place where the fire broke out was near the Pamex Oil platform. Which would have caused a major tragedy if the fire had not been brought under control in time. However firefighters reached by boat and extinguished the fire by running a continuous water mine.

Oil company Pamex officials said there were no casualties. The fire started after a gas leak from an underwater pipeline, officials said. The pipeline is directly connected to the company’s ‘Ku Malub Zap’ oil development platform. Due to which immediate steps were taken to control the fire immediately. No casualties were reported in the blaze, Pemex said. According to the company, oil production has now resumed after the fire was brought under control. After that flames are now completely extinguished. Company officials also said an investigation had been launched into how the gas leaked from the pipeline and the fire broke out.

The company said several boats arrived at the scene to put out the blaze and the fire was extinguished by running a water mine. However some employees also said that nitrogen was also used to extinguish the fire.

Pamex has a long history of industrial accidents.

This is not the first fire at Pamex. Pamex actually has a long history of industrial accidents. There have been several industrial accidents as well as fire incidents in the past. Angel Carizels, head of Mexico’s oil safety regulator ASEA, tweeted that there were no reports of oil spills anywhere in the Gulf of Mexico. But they were unable to say what was actually burning in the fire that was seen on the surface of the water.

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