Former US President Donald Trump’s Facebook account has been shut down for 2 years

Former US President Donald Trump’s Facebook account has been shut down for 2 years, with the ban set to take effect on January 7.

  • Former US President Donald Trump banned from social media
  • Facebook closes Donald Trump’s account
  • Donald Trump’s Facebook account banned for 2 years

Former US President Donald Trump’s Facebook account has been blocked for 2 years. The start of the two-year ban will be counted from January 7. When Facebook initially decided to take action. Donald Trump’s account will be closed until January 2023. Following this decision, it seems that in the future, Facebook may close the accounts of the world’s major leaders. .

What is the allegation against Trump

Facebook has taken full action over allegations of inciting riots in the US Congress. Facebook made the decision after the US Capitl incident. This is the first time that a President or a Prime Minister has had to close his Facebook account. The ban on Trump’s Facebook account will take effect on January 7. When his account was suspended for the first time. At this point, he regime was intact and yet Facebook took its own course. After which Facebook transferred its decision to the Oversight Board. The company said Trump’s rioters were called We Love You, You’re Very Special. After that Calling these people true patriots and remembering this day of riots in history. This kind of talk is against the rules of Facebook. 

This is what Mark Zuckerberg said about Trump

The decision to suspend former US President Donald Trump’s Facebook account was upheld last month by Facebook’s investigative committee . And when the account was suspended, Mark Zuckerberg said, “It’s a big threat to serve our president on Facebook at this time.

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