Daniel woke up in the morning and forgot all the memories of 20 years of life!

  • Transit suffers from global amnesia, can’t recognize wife or daughter, can’t even remember study-job

Daniel Porter of Texas suddenly woke up one morning to find a woman sleeping with him. He could not even recognize himself if he went near the mirror, he was amazed to see a 10 year old girl running around the house. Seeing the time on the clock, he got busy preparing to go to school.

Before he could get ready, his wife and daughter, whom he considered strangers in his own home, approached him and said that he was not a 16-year-old teenager but a 36-year-old man. Daniel refused to believe this and continued to believe that he had been kidnapped. The incident is from last year and it is said that Daniel Transit was a victim of global amnesia. In this disease the patient forgets some part of his life.

Daniel had forgotten about 20 years of his life.

His wife Ruth took him to his parents, who explained that he was safe with Ruth. He then went to the doctor and he said he would be back to normal in 24 hours but even after 1 year he still did not remember most of the 20 year journey between the days of leaving high school.

He also forgot about his friends, his post-high school studies and his job. Ruth often took him to college friends so that he might remember something. Ruth said Daniel was very upset after losing his job early last year.

Doctors believe that his condition is due to stress. He lost his job last year and had to sell his house and had a disk problem. Then he began to feel dizzy. It was as if his brain had told him that he could not bear the stress any more. People often lose their memory in trauma but I have never heard of 20 years of memories being forgotten.

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