Caucasus scandal in Brazil – People take to the streets against President Zaire Bolsonaro, chanting ‘Leave Bolsonaro’s throne’

Mass protests are taking place in Brazil against President Zaire Bolsonaro. In Rio de Janeiro, thousands of people marched to the beat of drums, chanting “Leave the throne of Bolsonaro.” This is due to Bolsonaro’s policy towards Corona and allegations of corruption in the purchase of Corona vaccine.

Earlier, Bolsonaro called corona a common flu-like illness. Due to this, adequate measures could not be taken to prevent corona in the country. There was also outrage among the people because of such mistakes. As a result of such irresponsible policies of Bolsonaro, five million people have died in Brazil so far due to corona. Now his government’s latest controversy is over corruption in vaccine procurement. The Supreme Court has also ordered an inquiry into it.

Impeachment able to increase the number of members

on the other hand, the leader of the opposition to 100 Draft Impeachment running on bolasonaro has also represented. Similar demonstrations are taking place again. Now they also say that the Bolsonaro have made many mistakes, many crimes against Corona, which are not forgivable. Brazil Bolsonaro could not tolerate one more year. The number of MPs supporting the impeachment against Bolsonaro is steadily increasing.

On the other hand, Bolsonaro has exposed fraud in the October 2022 elections. My defeat will be due to fraud. According to Senator Humberto Costa, a member of the special committee set up to fight Corona, “Bolsonaro’s image has been that of an honest politician, but his image has been tarnished by the vaccine-buying scandal.” According to a recent survey in Brazil, a large number of people have been devastated by the epidemic in the last 15 months, which has led to a rapid decline in Bolsonaro supporters. According to EPEC, one of the polling agencies, if elections were to take place in Brazil, Bolsonaro would lose to his main political rival and former president Inacio Lula da Silva.

What is a vaccine purchase scam?

The Brazilian government struck a deal in February with India Biotech’s Brazil-based representative, Presisa Medicamentos, to buy covaxin. The deal set the price at 15 per dose. That’s up from 320 million. There are reports of corruption in the deal. Shortly after the purchase, a representative of a pharmaceutical company alleged that Roberto Ferreira Dias, head of logistics at the Ministry of Health, had taken a bribe of 1 per dose in the purchase of the AstraZeneca vaccine.

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