UK ready without mask and social distance; PM Boris said- whether to wear a mask or not is now up to the people!

More than half the population in Britain has been vaccinated The rapid pace of vaccination weakened the virus Citizens of…

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Ruckus over Covaxin purchase deal in Brazil, $320 million contract with Bharat Biotech canceled

Brazil suspends Covaxin order: There has been a ruckus in Brazil over the Covaxin purchase deal. Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro…

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Careless after a rising death toll in Brazil, 41 million did not take a second dose of the vaccine

Corona is the second deadliest state after America Experts say people are frustrated, lack of willpower, corruption in supply Brazil…

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US scientists develop second-generation vaccine, successful trial on rats; to be tested on humans next year

There is good news for people around the world who are bothered by different variants of the Corona. Scientists have succeeded…

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International Yoga Day 2021: This yoga pose will be beneficial in managing migraine pain ..!

International Yoga Day is celebrated on June 21 every year. Migraines can be a kind of headache for the common people…

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Coral reefs: Increased nutrient levels propagate bleaching

Southampton ( Increased levels of nutrient within the water column can increase the susceptibility of corals to fall victim to…

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