Sukhbir Toor: After a long fight, Sikh US Marines allowed to wear turban, for the first time in 246 years

A Sikh officer serving in the US Army has now been allowed to wear his turban. US Marine Corps. Lt.…

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Man opened fire when asked to stop car in Chicago, one officer killed, one injured

Chicago (USA), Aug 9 (AP) A man on board opened fire when asked to stop in Chicago, US, killing a…

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Bad condition of middle class: Inequality has been deliberately increased in America?

Economic inequality in the US has reached record levels since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. Switzerland’s UBS has now…

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Daniel woke up in the morning and forgot all the memories of 20 years of life!

Transit suffers from global amnesia, can’t recognize wife or daughter, can’t even remember study-job Daniel Porter of Texas suddenly woke…

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Wealth of Indians increased in Swiss banks? The Modi government’s response came

It has been claimed that deposits of Indians in Swiss banks have crossed Rs 20,000 crore. Indians Rs 20 thousand…

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