Careless after a rising death toll in Brazil, 41 million did not take a second dose of the vaccine

  • Corona is the second deadliest state after America
  • Experts say people are frustrated, lack of willpower, corruption in supply

Brazil has the highest number of deaths from corona after the United States at 5,13,544. Brazil is lagging behind in corona vaccination. 41 lakh people are not coming for the second dose after the deadline and The number of people taking the first dose is 16%.

People are forgetting to take a second dose, according to health ministry documents. Especially the elderly are not being taken to the centers to take a second dose of their kin. However, the government believes that the lack of facilities like internet in many areas is also causing problems. Locals said people are very disappointed. They have lost the will to take a second dose of the vaccine. However many have also accused the supply of vaccines of corruption. Public health expert Dr. Ligia Bahia said Brazil was under the weight of death from corona. The lack of vaccinations could exacerbate the crisis.

New cases cross

18,000 in Britain , appearance against lockdown The third wave of corona has arrived in Britain. There were 18,000 cases of corona here on Sunday. This is the highest number since February 5. According to the report, more than 15,000 cases of corona have been found in Britain in the last 5 days. This has raised the concern of the British government. Controls were raised in Britain after a relief in a lockdown last week. Demonstrations have started across the country.

Italy: Mask allowed to go out of the house

Italy has been allowed to go out of the house without a mask since Monday. The decision was taken due to high temperatures in the southern parts of the country. Temperatures around 40 degrees have been reported in these areas. In Italy, 1.75 million people over the age of 12 have been vaccinated.

New Zealand: QR code scanning may become mandatory

New Zealand is considering making QR code scanning and masks mandatory in more dangerous places like bars and restaurants. According to officials, Prime Minister Jacinda Aderne has called a cabinet meeting on the matter. He has also sought advice from health experts on his government’s proposal.

Germany demands ban on British travelers

Germany has demanded that the European Union ban the travel of British people abroad. According to media reports, the move is necessary in view of the spread of the Delta variant in Britain. Portugal, on the other hand, has made a two-week quarantine mandatory for British travelers who have not been vaccinated.

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