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Amazon founder Jeff Bezos’s first space trip a success; Completed 105 km in 11 minutes with 3 passengers

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, one of the world’s top e-commerce companies, has returned to Earth after an 11-minute space journey. They left for the space tour at around 9:15 Am on Tuesday. He was accompanied by 3 passengers. One of them is his brother Mark, 82-year-old Valley Funk and 18-year-old Oliver Damon. Oliver is currently in high school. An unidentified person bid 28 million to go into space with Bezos. Unidentified person couldn’t go on this trip, instead Oliver was gone.

The rocket ship from which Bezos and his team went into space is autonomous, meaning it does not require a pilot. capsule has 6 seats, but only 4 of them will be filled. The New Shepherd has had 15 successful flights so far. However, no passengers have traveled in it yet.

Amazon Founder Bezos chose this day to go into space because the Apollo 11 spaceship in which astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed on the moon in 1969, exactly 52 years before today.

Blue Origin, the spaceflight company of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, said on Sunday that they are fully prepared for their first human spaceflight. There will be 4 passengers, including the Bezos, who will travel 100 km above the Earth’s surface to the Carmen Line and then return safely. The full flight time will be 10-12 minutes.

But the first question is where does space start?
  • You may think that space begins where the atmosphere ends. But not so. The atmosphere is about 10 thousand km above the earth. But even this is not the ultimate truth. As you go upstairs, the air will go down. It is difficult to know exactly where it ended.
  • Well, different agencies have their own definitions of starting a space. NASA and the Federation of Aeronautical International, the organization that holds aeronautical and astronautical records internationally, believe that if space starts with the Carmen Line, then what is the Carmen Line? This is a fictional line, which is 100 km above sea level.
  • Branson’s spacecraft flew about 85 km. Even after that, all the passengers aboard Branson’s Virgin Galactic flight have become astronauts. This is because of the space definition of the Federal Aviation Administration and the United States Air Force, which considers space above 50 miles (80 km).
Where and when will the Bezos flight take off?
  • Amazon Founder Bezos flight will be a 10-12 suborbital flight, meaning it will not go into Earth orbit. Bezos’ Blue Origin rocket’s new Shepard rocket will take off from the West Texas desert on July 20 at 9:00 Am.
  • Passengers will have to be on-board 45 minutes before the 9:00 Am launch on Monday. The crew has undergone 48 hours of training for the mission. It has been good. Employees have also undergone two days of eight-hour training. This training will be required for all customers purchasing tickets. The rocket will be accompanied by a capsule, which will also include Bezos’ brother Mark, 82-year-old Valley Funk and 18-year-old teenager Oliver Damon. After this flight Funk will become the oldest and Damen the youngest astronaut.
  • After about three minutes of flight the capsule of Amazon Founder Bezos of the New Shepard rocket of Blue Origin will be separated and will move into space. After flying for about four minutes, it will cross the Carmen Line at 100 km.
  • During this time passengers will experience weightlessness and the capsule will begin to return to the ground. After about 10-12 minutes of flight the capsule will land in the desert with the help of a parachute. In the meantime the rocket will also return to Earth. Rockets and capsules can be used frequently.
What’s the difference between a Bezos and Branson flight?
  • The flight to Branson and Amazon Founder Bezos will be a completely different experience. Branson went into his spacecraft, which was being flown by the pilot. But the capsule of Bezos will be autonomous i.e. it will detach from the rocket and move automatically.
  • Branson went about 85 km up, but the Bezos capsule is about 100 km above the Carmen line. The spacecraft then landed on the runway after a 90-minute journey and is to land somewhere in the desert with the help of a Bezos capsule parachute.
  • The first flight of Virgin Galactic carried 6 people, including founder Richard Branson, but the first flight of Blue Origin will also have the company’s first customer Oliver along with the company’s founder Bezos. Who has bought a travel ticket. Ticket prices have not been announced, but Arian Cornell, who has seen sales for Blue Origin, claims that some other people have also booked tourist flights.
Is Blue Origin’s space rocket taking humans into space for the first time?
  • Yes. The flight will also set several records. This will be Blue Origin’s first unmanned suborbital flight, with a normal civilian passenger. Even the oldest and youngest astronauts are to be made from this flight.
  • The New Shepard rocket and its capsule RSS First Step can be reused. Rockets and capsules have flown before and have successfully landed twice before. So far 15 flights have been successful for New Shepard. But so far the passenger has never gone.
Who is Sanjal Gawande of Blue Origin Space Rocket Team?
  • Sanjal Gawande, a 30-year-old resident of Kalyan, Maharashtra, is part of the team that built the Blue Origin’s New Shepard rocket. Sanjal, a systems engineer in a commercial spaceflight company, holds a degree in mechanical engineering from Mumbai University. He went to the United States in 2011 to pursue a master’s degree from Michigan Technological University.
  • Sanjal, the daughter of a municipal corporation employee, took the aerospace subject for a master’s degree and passed it with first class. Ashok Gawande, who lives in the Kolsewadi area of ​​Kalyan, says she always wanted to build a spaceship. For this reason he chose aerospace as a subject in his master’s degree. She is working as a systems engineer at Blue Origin in Seattle.
How will this flight to Bezos shape the space tourism market in the future?
  • This launch will prove to be very important for Joyride’s future market in space for Blue Origin. At present, the company has not said how much the futures ticket will cost, but the ticket is likely to be worth crores in Indian currency.
  • Ordinary people have previously paid for orbital flights to the International Space Station. But these were travel Soyuz rockets and capsules, operated by the Russian Space Agency. This means that practically the space tourism industry will take shape only after the flight to Bezos after Branson.
  • Branson’s company plans to take people to space every week from 2022. It is preparing to charge 25 million dollar. According to a Reuters report, the space tourism market is set to reach 3 billion by 2030.
  • In addition to Branson’s Virgin Galactic and Bezos’ Blue Origin, Alan Musk’s SpaceX is also planning orbital tourism flights. Musk’s first civilian crew space mission is set to launch this year. This will be an orbital flight, with billionaire Jared Isaacson and three others scheduled to fly later this year.

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