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After tightening visa rules, Canada, not the US, is becoming the dream of Indians; Many Indian families living in the US are now shifting to Canada

  • About 20,000 Indian families shifted from the US to Canada
  • In Canada, Indians are getting many opportunities to change jobs at will
  • New visa rules in the US are causing problems for Indians

A large number of Indians dream of getting a US visa but with the new rules, this dream is becoming very difficult. Indians living in the United States are facing many difficulties. Many Indian families living in the US are now shifting to Canada. He believes that he is getting good opportunities here. According to one estimate, about 20,000 Indian families have shifted from the United States to Canada.

“I have taken the H-1B visa extension six times since I started working,” said Dinesh Dasri, a native of Hyderabad, who said the future was in jeopardy due to delays in getting a green card . I am very stressed. Dasari has now shifted from the US to Canada. He said he lived in the United States for 14 years, but his future was in jeopardy due to delays in getting a green card. he also had great difficulty changing jobs because he did not have a green card. He said he was not getting a job as a manager because he did not have a green card. People trust only those who are guaranteed to stay in the country.

Thousands of Indian families shift from

US to Canada Thousands of Indian families have been stranded in the US since the High-Skilled Immigration Act 2019 came into force. The bill states that issuing green cards on the basis of employment will now be discontinued. There are currently about 9 lakh Indians in the US who have H-1B, L1 and H4 EAD visas. Dasari said that if someone asks if he should stay in the US or Canada should be shifted, he advises going to Canada. Immigration Attorney Rahul Reddy said it is very easy for people to get entry into Canada. He gets the entry within one year of applying online.

Girish Chavan has also been allowed to change his job at will in Canada, bye-bye to the US and settled in Toronto, Canada. He had an 18-year-old home in the United States. In 2010, his green card application was rejected due to a technical glitch.

“I applied for a green card a second time, but could not get one,” said Girish Chavan, who is also allowed to change jobs in Canada at will . Chavan’s family is facing a lot of difficulties due to visa restrictions. Neither could he get a job at the company of his choice nor could he shift to New York. Chavan’s wife then tried to increase the dependent visa, but again faced difficulties. Chavan said Canada welcomed him with open arms. The process of visa extension in Canada is very simple and you are also allowed to change jobs at will.

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