Travel, dive, ride your bike – and have fun doing it!

Global Adventures, LLC is a distributor, manufacturer and service provider for bicycles, bicycles parts, and scuba diving gear.

We design, test and manufacture hard-to-find items

We import cycling and scuba diving gear from Europe and Asia; and we design, test and manufacture hard-to-find or specialized equipment. A well-stocked warehouse allows us to fulfill customer orders quickly – usually within 48 hours.

Sold through dealers and online

Our products are either sold through our dealer-network, or online via the “Why Cycling®” and “Why Scuba®” websites.


Furthermore, we organize and guide tours and expeditions to remote locations around the globe so clients can share our enthusiasm for the outdoors in general and road or mountain biking and scuba diving in particular.

Our weekend outings and one-week tours present many opportunities to practice and learn new skills, work as a team, or test some new or improved equipment.

While some rides or dives can be challenging, there will always be time to experience the local culture, sample the cuisine, or sign up for a cooking class or vine tasting in the evening.

Enjoy the scenery

Of course, you can also sit back, relax, watch the sun set over the ocean or mountain range, and let the day pass by.